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Gulf states invited to join Iran in new Muslim coalition


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British to establish permanent base near U.S. Fifth Fleet’s in Bahrain

Special to By Miles Yu, Great Britain recently announced that it would re-establish a permanent military base in the Middle East. The site will be Port Mina Salman in Bahrain where the U.S. Fifth Fleet has its headquarters. […]

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Western embassies close in Egypt amid ISIL terror threats

British embassy in Cairo.

Special to CAIRO — Western embassies, amid threat of an Al Qaida-aligned attack, have been suspending operations in Egypt. At least two Western embassies have closed while others were restricting operations in Cairo. In a 24-hour period, Britain and […]

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Military training program for Libyans suspended after sexual assault charges

Bassingbourne Barracks in Cambridgeshire. /

Special to LONDON — Britain has halted a program to train Libya’s military. The British Defence Ministry said it suspended a Libyan military training program. The ministry said Britain would expel some 300 Libyan military cadets, who arrived in […]

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Lockheed Martin launches production F-35A jet fighters at reduced costs

CF-3 Flt 4 Endurance flight

Special to WASHINGTON — Lockheed Martin has begun producing the fifth generation Joint Strike Fighter for several nations, including Britain, Israel, Italy, Japan and Norway. The Defense Department has reached agreement with L-M to launch low-rate initial production of […]

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Terror shadows UN session: Tough rhetoric vs ‘poisonous narrative of Islamic extremism’

Britain’s David Cameron at the UN.  /Telegraph

By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — The specter and shadow of international terrorism tragically clouded the opening of the UN General Assembly session, yet again. The growing menace from ISIS/ISIL jihadi terrorists threatening the sovereignty of Iraq and Syria […]

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London warns it may cancel arms exports to Israel

UK Prime Minister David Cameron.  /AFP

Special to LONDON — Britain has warned of an imminent suspension of defense licenses for Israel. The government of Prime Minister David Cameron said it targeted a range of arms export licenses for Israel. The licenses were identified as […]

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EU states facing political pressures on military exports to Israel

British Prime Minister David Cameron.  /Getty Images

Special to LONDON — The European Union has launched another review of military exports to Israel. Western diplomats said several EU states were under pressure to suspend or restrict military exports to Israel. They said the governments included those […]

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Earthquake in the Eurozone: High turnout in European Parliament vote driven by anger

Marine Le Pen

Special to Charles de Gaulle once said: “Europe is France and Germany. Everything else is just the garnishes.” … While France rocked the Continent with a triumph for Marine Le Pen and her anti-EU National Front, German Chancellor Angela […]

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Syrian rebels scorn UK’s offer, demand heavy weapons, missiles

British Foreign
Secretary William Hague.  /AFP/Getty Images/Carl Court

Special to LONDON — Britain has decided to resume aid to the Sunni revolt in Syria. Officials said the government of Prime Minister David Cameron was planning to deliver non-lethal assistance to Western-aligned rebels in Syria. The officials said […]

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Britain eyes permanent post-Afghan presence in the Persian Gulf

British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond.  /Getty Images

Special to ABU DHABI — Britain has been searching for a permanent military presence in the Gulf. Officials said the British military was seeking to transfer assets from Afghanistan to allies in the Gulf Cooperation Council. The officials said […]

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