British official: Staying in EU ‘exposes UK to terror risk’

Special to A British official said staying in the European Union makes the UK vulnerable to terror attacks, a direct contradiction of comments made by Prime Minister David Cameron. “I think the present status of the open border we have right now many of us feel does actually leave that door open (to Paris-style […]

Two members of Jihadi John’s ‘Beatles’ beheaders cell identified

Special to Two terrorists have been identified as members of infamous executioner Jihadi John’s “Beatles” cell that beheaded several Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) hostages. Alexe Kotey, 32, and Aine Davis, 31, both of London, became known as “The Beatles” by their hostages because of their British accents, according to an investigation […]

British marksman takes out 3 ISIL jihadists through 10-inch wall from kilometer away

Special to Armed with the world’s most powerful rifle, a British sharpshooter killed three Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) terrorists through a 10-inch wall from a kilometer away, a report said. The Special Air Service (SAS) staff-sergeant fired 30 armor-piercing rounds from his Barrett Light .50 caliber rifle into a two-story command […]

Brits fear Gulf backlash over refusal to join strike on Syria

Special to LONDON — Britain appears anxious over the prospect that Gulf Arab allies would retaliate for parliament’s decision not to join any attack on Syria. The London government has denied concerns that Saudi Arabia and the other five Gulf Cooperation Council states could retaliate for Britain’s refusal to join in any U.S.-led strike […]

Can the world, and Israel, afford a lost generation?

Special to By Norman Bailey The current issue of “The Economist” has a cover picture of people being discharged into a trash dump, with the headline “Generation Jobless” and the subtitle “The Global Rise of Youth Unemployment”. In the article inside the magazine it points out that global youth unemployment, as reported by official […]

Margaret Thatcher actually stood for something

John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — Margaret Thatcher, the British Conservative Prime Minister, between 1979-1990, was a Revolutionary. As the first female Prime Minister she emerged as a truly transformational figure both on the domestic and foreign front and soon challenged the entrenched interests with a stance that promoted freedom and economic liberty. She stood […]

What would the Iron Lady have done about North Korea?

Special to By Donald Kirk, Memories and images of Margaret Thatcher and her legacy as displayed in the media this week evoke an obvious question: What would the Iron Lady have done about North Korea? The answer would seem clear. It’s hard to imagine the woman who dispatched troops to the Falklands in […]

UN survey cites rise of the Global South

John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — “The rise of the South is unprecedented in its speed and scale…when dozens of countries and billions of people move up the development ladder as they are doing today, it has a direct impact on wealth creation and broader human progress,” cites the glowing introduction to the UN Development […]

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