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Morocco dismantles 2nd ISIL cell in wave of 1,200 returnees from Iraq, Syria

The ministry said the cell consisted of eight operatives, including released security prisoners.

Special to CAIRO — Morocco has reported the dismantling of another cell of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. The Interior Ministry said an ISIL recruiting cell was captured by security forces. The ministry said the cell, which sought […]

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Algeria-Morocco conflict escalates to salvos of leaked intel documents


Special to CAIRO — Algeria and Morocco have entered into a new fray — marked by leaking classified documents against each other. Morocco has accused Algeria of leaking classified data obtained by an anonymous hacker. The documents were said […]

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Morocco and its F-16s join U.S. anti-ISIL coalition

Morocco F-16s.

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has persuaded Morocco to join the coalition against Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Officials said the North African kingdom has agreed to join the U.S.-led coalition air strikes against ISIL positions […]

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Moroccans said ripe for ISIL recruitment as 2nd Al Qaida cell captured in Marrakesh

The most recent Al Qaida cell was captured in Marrakesh, the tourist capital.

Special to CAIRO — Morocco has reported the capture of another Al Qaida cell. The Interior Ministry said five suspected insurgents were arrested in Marrakesh on suspicion of being linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. The […]

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Polisario threatens war with Morocco after speech by King

Polisario fighters base camps near Tindouf in the Sahara. / AFP

Special to CAIRO — Algeria-backed Polisario has again threatened war against Morocco. Polisario said it was preparing to renew hostilities against Morocco amid the stalemate over the disputed region of Western Sahara. The movement cited a pledge by Morocco’s […]

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Morocco places military on ‘unprecedented’ nationwide alert

Morocco security forces collaborated with counterparts in Spain in the capture of Jihadist suspects.

Special to CAIRO — Morocco has placed its military on alert amid labor unrest and threats by Al Qaida. Moroccan sources said the army was mobilized to protect critical and government facilities throughout the North African kingdom. They said […]

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Cash-flush ISIL ‘buying supporters’ in northern Morocco

ISIL fighters in Iraq.

Special to CAIRO — Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has been quietly building a presence in Morocco. ISIL is believed to have established cells in several regions of Morocco. The Al Qaida-aligned movement is said to have […]

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ISIL recruitment drive ‘very worrisome’ to North African governments

ISIL leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi

Special to CAIRO — Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, with control over large parts of Iraq and Syria, has set its sights on North Africa. Islamist sources said ISIL has intensified recruiting in several countries in North Africa. […]

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Morocco attracting Western aerospace, electrical industries

Moroccan Industry Minister Moulay Hafid Alamy

Special to CAIRO — Morocco continues to draw dual-use Western industry. Morocco has added to its list of major Western contractors that decided to build production facilities in the North African kingdom. On June 16, Morocco hosted a ground-breaking […]

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Morocco captures cell recruiting fighters for Al Qaida militia in Syria


Special to CAIRO — Morocco has arrested a suspected cell of recruiters for the war in Syria. The Moroccan Interior Ministry said three people were detained on charges of recruiting and financing young Muslims to fight the regime of […]

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