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On a surreal and tragic day, POTUS was in N.Y. but only the UN Security Council was engaged

Members of the security council unanimously adopt a resolution at United Nations headquarters on July 21.  /Seth Wenig/AP

UNITED NATIONS — Truth is often stranger than fiction. The horrific events over eastern Ukraine, that of a civilian airliner being shot out of the skies by a high altitude Sam 11 missile, seem almost the improbable grist of a […]

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Putin kicks off Latin tour in Havana, recalling the Cold War chill

Special to By Miles Yu, Russian President Vladimir Putin is making a big statement aimed at the United States by choosing Cuba as his first stop on a 6-day visit to Latin America. However, Putin’s Cuba trip is not just […]

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Getting the band back together: Putin’s victory march through Latin America

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and Nicaragua’s First Lady Rosario Murillo, right, in Managua, on July 11.  /AFP/Presidencia de Nicaragua/César Pérez

UNITED NATIONS — It’s been a momentous week for Russian President Vladimir Putin. While the major media focused on his trip to Brazil to accept the handover for the next FIFA World Cup football tournament in Russia as well as […]

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Help wanted: Iraq seeks pilots, maintenance crews for new Russian Su-25s

Russian soldiers unload a Russian Sukhoi SU-25 plane in al-Muthanna Iraqi military base on June 28.  /Reuters

Special to LONDON — Iraq was expected to employ foreign pilots for its new fleet of Su-25 fighter-jets, a report said. The Royal United Services Institute asserted that the Iraq Air Force lacked the pilots and maintenance capability for […]

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Russia follows Crimea annexation with sub boost for Black Sea Fleet

Russia’s Rostov-on-Don submarine.

Special to By Miles Yu, The second of the 6 state-of-the-art Varshavyanka-class submarines designed and built specifically for buttressing Russia’s Black Sea Fleet was launched on June 26. The event marks another significant step in establishing Russia’s dominance in the […]

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Iraqi Air Force gets emergency Su-25s from Russia, but who will fly them?

A Russian Sukhoi SU-25 plane arrives at the al-Muthanna Iraqi military base in Baghdad airport in Baghdad, June 28.  /Reuters

Special to BAGHDAD — Iraq has acquired its first fighter-jet in more than a decade. The government said the Iraq Air Force received the Su-25 fighter-jet from Russia. Officials said seven warplanes arrived in Baghdad on June 28-29 as […]

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Russia’s ruble agreement gives it access to N. Korean resources, punishes U.S.

Russia and North Korea have agreed to settlements in rubles in all trade between the two countries.

Special to By Lee Jong-Heon, SEOUL — The recent agreement between Russia and North Korea to use the rubles in all their bilateral trade has raised concerns that it would help Pyongyang dodge U.S-led international sanctions, government officials and analysts […]

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‘New Cold War’ pits G7 against China, Russia; Xi dismisses U.S. as ‘paper tiger’

G-7 leaders met in Brussels on June 4-5.

Special to By Willy Lam, Tension between the Western Alliance on the one hand, and China and Russia on the other has been ratcheted up as the Group of Seven (G7) industrialized countries issued a joint statement on June 5 […]

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Moscow ends arms embargo against Pakistan in signal to India’s Modi

Mi-35 attack helicopter.

Special to By Miles Yu, Russia announced June 2 that the Kremlin had decided to lift the embargo on weapons sales to Pakistan. Moscow also said it was ready to proceed with a Mi-35 attack helicopters deal with Islamabad. This […]

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Report: Russia used Ukraine as waystation to arm Middle East

Oktyabrsk port, Ukraine

Special to WASHINGTON — Russia has been quietly arming Middle East militaries, including those deemed allies of the United States, a report said. The Center for Advanced Defense Studies has tracked numerous arms shipments from Russia and Ukraine to […]

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