Gibraltar rocks again: Spain threatens anti-UK alliance with Argentina

Special to By Miles Yu, Exactly 300 years after the Treaty of Utrecht settled the century-long royal spat between Spain and England, the last remaining territorial issue between the two countries flared up again in recent weeks. At issue is the sovereignty of Gibraltar which overlooks the vital isthmus connecting the Mediterranean and […]

Europe gets the prize: Sixty years of peace, if not prosperity

John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — The European Union, the concert of 27 countries ranging from the Bay of Biscay to the Baltics and the Balkans has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway. Some may smile, others may smirk, and many, when they think about it for a second time, may say […]

World waits for someone to do something, and then waits some more

Sol W. Sanders Looking around the world, the striking characteristic is waiting out a number of crises. Their outcome seems almost artificially suspended, and their interaction on one another and their ultimate effect on the world is at issue. We start with the Euro. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s supplications in Beijing were perhaps laudable but a […]

A few observations about Occupy Wall Street

By Sumantra Maitra, Almost twenty years back, when the Soviet and East European states crumbled, who would have thought that socialism would make such a comeback? Here are a few ground truths about the Occupy Wall Street movement and the various spinoffs it has started.   They are not democratic: No surprise there, really. […]