No, really: Kerry seeks Hollywood’s advice on how to fight ISIL

Special to By Christopher Sparks If there’s anyone who knows how to defeat a real enemy, its the people who heroically defeat fake enemies on film. At least, that seems to be the logic behind U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to La-La Land to get Hollywood’s advice on how to beat Islamic […]

How Picasso and Obamacare became politically correct, after a fashion

Sol W. Sanders   Back in the early 1930s, worldwide Communism had a serious dilemma. It wanted to exploit well-known adherents, especially in the non-Soviet world. But some of these brightest stars were artists or intellectuals whose work was anathema to Josef Stalin, the monster who had taken over the Soviet Union. Zigzagging intellectually, with […]

Cruz missile strike against a bureaucratic monstrosity and the ruling class

Jeffrey T. Kuhner Sen. Ted Cruz is a hero. The Texas Republican’s marathon speech decrying the evils of Obamacare has enraged Washington’s ruling class. Democrats and many Republicans are vilifying him. The establishment media — on the left and right — are portraying him as an out-of-control, ambitious and egotistical cowboy, who is cynically exploiting […]

Ahem, Mr. President: The War on Terror is far from over

Sol W. Sanders   If the Boston Massacre and the growing Syrian Civil War jihadist outrages were not self-evident, the bloody attack on innocents at the Nairobi, Kenya, mall provide new evidence that the international terrorist conspiracy continues virtually unabated. The perpetrators were Islamic jihadists, apparently members of the al Shahid thugs in neighboring Somalia […]

Another mind-numbing precedent: Obama arms Al Qaida with U.S. weapons

Jeffrey T. Kuhner President Obama has crossed a moral red line. Recently, he did the unthinkable: He announced that the U.S. government would directly arm terrorist groups in Syria. Mr. Obama said that he would waive a federal law designed to prevent weapons from being sent to designated-terrorist organizations. In particular, the president cited a […]

Obama, and Russia’s unremarkable Putin, discover American exceptionalism

Sol W. Sanders   Among the welter of ironies concerning President Vladimir Putin’s op-ed for The New York Times on the zig-zagging Syria crisis is that Ras’ ghostwriter has however haphazardly touched on the fundamental issue. Given the arguments and syntax, I suspect the ghost’s first language was American, not Russian, something I will leave […]

End game: The former community organizer, the former KGB agent and Saddam’s missing WMD

John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — We are witnessing an intense geopolitical chess game over Syria. The players: Barack Obama, President of the United States, former Senator, and Chicago community organizer versus Vladmir Putin, President of the Russian Federation and former Soviet KGB intelligence operative. Moscow has just made a move which appears to have […]

Syria: To avoid jumping to conclusions, don’t

Sol W. Sanders   The old cliché has it that history is written by the victors. But the victors’ historians, too, are human. In an effort to write a narrative which the rest of us can follow, they pick up what we diginicks call a “thread”. Until someone identifies a major theme and writes [and […]

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