Boob tube culture: What if the U.S. electorate had been educated to think?

THE BEST OF LEV Lev Navrozov Lev Navrozov emigrated from the Soviet Union with his family in 1972. He so cherished the freedom of press he found here that he dedicated his remaining years to alerting otherwise-oblivious Americans to the global context of news. The following column was published Oct. 17, 2012. Special to […]

Welcome to Soviet America! (Was my 1975 1-act play prophetic?)

Lev Navrozov “Lev, this is Julie. Do you remember me?” The voice on the phone sounded familiar. She went on: “Almost forty years ago, I believe the year was 1975, I went to see your play ‘Welcome to Soviet America!’ at Carnegie Hall. It was a one-actor play, in which you played all the roles, […]

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