Chinese cyber spy targeted U.S. firms, F-35 technology

Hamas rebounds, revives indoctrination networks

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Hamas military chief back in command after a decade underground

A Hamas rocket is fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel.

Special to TEL AVIV — Mohammed Deif has returned as Hamas’ military chief amid the war with Israel. Israel’s intelligence community has determined that Deif ended nearly a decade in the underground to resume his role as Hamas’ military […]

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Hamas suppressing wartime dissent, shooting to kill Palestinian protesters

Hamas fighters

Special to GAZA CITY — Hamas has been shooting Palestinians to quell unrest in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian sources said Hamas has been killing Palestinians suspected of sparking protests amid the war with Israel. They said more than 50 […]

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War without end: A dream come true for North Korea and arms merchants everywhere

A rocket is fired towards Israel from the northern Gaza Strip on July 11.  /Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

Special to By Donald Kirk, Rocketing, bombing and bloodshed in the Middle East from Gaza to Syria and Iraq provide a bonanza for the world’s arms-manufacturers, none more than the North Koreans and the Americans. For North Korea, […]

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‘Pre-9/11 moment’: Officials say Al Qaida planning massive cyber attack on U.S.

U.S. Assistant Attorney General John Carlin

Special to WASHINGTON — Al Qaida has focused on planning massive cyber attacks on the United States. Officials said the Al Qaida campaign was meant to disrupt power supply, banks, critical facilities, including nuclear plants, without sending fighters into […]

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N. Korea’s cash flow woes said to prompt application to join global money laundering group


Special to By Lee Jong-Heon, SEOUL — North Korea’s decision to join an international body combating money laundering and terrorist financing is aimed at easing the sanctions that have jeopardized the destitute nation’s cash flow from abroad, government officials and […]

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Whose side is the U.S. on? Obama-Kerry seen favoring Hamas and friends over allies

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

Special to JERUSALEM — The Hamas war has highlighted the steady decline in relations between Israel and the United States. Officials and analysts agreed that the U.S.-led mediation to end the Gaza war damaged relations with both Israel as […]

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ISIL on outskirts of Baghdad with ‘sleeper cells throughout the city’

The Iraqi military is reportedly building fortifications near the capital, Baghdad, to repel potential attacks by ISIL.

Special to BAGHDAD — Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has established positions in and around the Iraqi capital. Iraqi security sources said ISIL has reached the outskirts of Baghdad from several directions. They said ISIL was surrounding […]

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Al Qaida video from Gaza shows shoulder-fired missile

IDF confirms that a Soviet-made Strela (SA-7) anti-aircraft missile was fired at a helicopter.

Special to WASHINGTON — An Al Qaida-aligned militia has unveiled a surface-to-air missile in the war-torn Gaza Strip. The militia, Majlis Shura Al Mujahadeen, has displayed a man-portable surface-to-air missile during the Israeli war with Hamas. Majlis, regarded as […]

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Growing personality cult around Xi Jinping noted by enemies, has few precedents

A Tiananmen Square street vendor displays a souvenir with pictures of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chairman Mao Zedong.

Special to By Willy Lam, Even as Xi Jinping is extending the parameters of his anti-corruption drive, the official media is building up a personality cult around the President that is unprecedented since the demise of Mao Zedong in 1976. […]

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Israel: 10 percent of Hamas rockets misfired, landed in Gaza Strip

A Hamas rocket is fired from the Gaza Strip.  /AP

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel’s military has estimated that more than 10 percent of Hamas missile launches fell in the Gaza Strip. The military has asserted that nearly 300 rockets fired by Hamas and its Palestinian militia allies […]

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