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Egypt: Strategic dialogue with U.S. on hold, pending ‘normal relations’

Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy.  /AP

Special to CAIRO — The United States has halted its strategic dialogue with Egypt. Officials said the administration of President Barack Obama has suspended what had been a vibrant strategic dialogue with Egypt. They said the dialogue included Egypt’s military and intelligence community. “We do not hold the strategic dialogue anymore,” Egyptian Foreign [...]

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Egypt intel: Hamas provided Muslim Brotherhood safe haven in Gaza to plan terror ops

Egyptian Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim

Special to CAIRO — Egypt has determined that Muslim Brotherhood fighters were receiving weapons and combat training in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Officials said the Egyptian intelligence community was tracing the flow of Brotherhood members to and from the Gaza Strip. The officials said the Brotherhood was granted at least two facilities in southern [...]

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Sources: Syrian jihad coming to Egypt with help from Turkey, Qatar and Obama

A fighter celebrates after firing a missile toward a building where Syrian troops were hiding. /

Special to Yossef Bodansky, Senior Editor, Global Information System / Defense & Foreign Affairs The struggle for Egypt is on the verge of a major escalation as the key sponsors of the jihadist cause in Syria are now committed to a similar campaign against Egypt. The overall strategic objective is to prevent the emergence [...]

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Senior aide to Al Qaida’s Zawahiri captured in Egypt

Ayman Al Zawahiri

Special to CAIRO — A leading aide to Al Qaida commander Ayman Zawahiri has been captured in Egypt. Tharwat Salah Shehata, designated by the United Nations as an Al Qaida affiliate, was arrested by Egyptian security forces in the Nile city of Sharqiya. The 53-year-old Shehata was said to have trained Muslims for attacks [...]

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Al Qaida militia raises profile with Cairo attack it claims was delayed to spare civilians


Special to CAIRO — Al Qaida’s latest militia has raised its profile in Egypt. Al Qaida’s Ajnad Misr  militia has claimed responsibility for what was termed one of the most sophisticated bombing attacks in the Islamist revolt. Ajnad said it conducted a triple bombing outside Cairo University on April 2 that killed a senior [...]

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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood-led insurgents using Iraq-level IEDs

Egyptians inspect the damage after twin bombs struck police posts near Cairo University in the centre of Egypt's capital on April 2, 2014, which was followed by a third blast as police and journalists gathered at the scene.  /AFP/Manmoud Khaled

Special to CAIRO — Islamist insurgents have gained capability in bombings against the military-backed regime in Cairo. Officials said insurgents led by the Muslim Brotherhood have achieved expertise in improvised explosive devices. They said the IEDs have become more sophisticated and coordinated. “The terrorists are demonstrating capabilities seen in Iraq and other combat zones,” [...]

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Egyptian Army storms Al Qaida strongholds in N. Sinai

Egyptian security forces

Special to CAIRO — The Egyptian Army has identified and raided insurgency strongholds in the Sinai Peninsula. Officials said the Army, backed by the Central Security Forces, stormed several suspected Al Qaida-aligned strongholds in northern Sinai. They said 21 alleged fighters were captured in military operations on March 26. “Some of them escaped from [...]

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Sisi’s replacement as Egypt’s defense minister was also trained in U.S.

Gen. Sidki Sobhi

Special to CAIRO — Egypt has appointed a new defense minister. The government has appointed Chief of Staff Gen. Sidki Sobhi as Egypt’s new defense minister. Sobhi replaces Abdul Fatah Sisi, who declared his candidacy for president. Officials said Sobhi, a veteran infantry officer, would also become the new commander of Egypt’s military. Under [...]

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Egypt building security wall around North Sinai capital city


Special to CAIRO — Egypt has been constructing a security barrier in the turbulent Sinai Peninsula. Officials said the military has directed the building of a wall in northeastern Sinai to prevent attacks by Al Qaida-aligned insurgents. The officials said the barrier would surround the provincial capital of North Sinai, El Arish, a key [...]

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Israel lobbies Congress to resume U.S. military aid to Egypt

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Special to WASHINGTON — Congress could block any decision to resume deliveries of U.S. combat platforms to Egypt. Congressional sources said the House and Senate have not reached a consensus on the resumption of U.S. military aid to Egypt. They said a decision by the administration of President Barack Obama to release major combat [...]

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