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U.S. warns Americans in Egypt of attacks by jihadists

U.E. Embassy in Cairo.

Special to CAIRO — The United States has warned its nationals of Islamic attacks in Egypt. The U.S. embassy in Cairo said Americans could come under attack by Al Qaida-aligned insurgents. In a warning, the State Department’s Bureau of […]

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Egyptian intelligence links Hamas to major Sinai attack

Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, far left, and other officials follow a soldier carrying medals of troops killed in Friday's attack in the Sinai Peninsula. / AP / MENA)

Special to CAIRO — Egypt has again linked Hamas to the revolt in the Sinai Peninsula. Officials said the Egyptian intelligence agency has determined that Hamas was either aiding or allowing Palestinian fighters to join the revolt in Sinai. […]

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‘Foreign hands’: Egypt’s Sisi declares state of emergency in Sinai after two attacks kill 31 soldiers

"We must know that this terrorist attack was supported by foreign hands to defeat the military, which has been protecting the Egyptian people and their will," President Abdul Fatah Al Sisi said on Oct. 25.

Special to CAIRO — Egypt has imposed a state of emergency in the Sinai Peninsula. The government approved a state of emergency in Sinai after at least 31 Egyptian Army soldiers were killed in two attacks. The attacks on […]

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Israel hit Wednesday with first two attacks since Gaza War

Soldiers in Beersheba, Israel, unload a Israeli comrade wounded in shootout on the border with Egypt. / Dudu Grunshpan / AP

Special to TEL AVIV — After a lull of two months, Israel has again been attacked from neighboring Egypt. On Oct. 22, the Israeli military reported an attack on the army near the southern border with Egypt. The military […]

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Israel, Egypt on track for major energy deal


Special to TEL AVIV — Egypt and Israel have signed an initial agreement for what could be mark a major natural gas deal. An Israeli consortium said it signed a non-binding Letter of Intent with Dolphinus Holdings, which represents […]

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ISIL prompts renewed U.S.-Egypt ties; Apaches shipped to Egypt

AH-64 Apache attack helicopters

Special to CAIRO — The United States has prepared for imminent delivery of attack helicopters for Egypt as the regional effort against Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) has been assigned a high priority. Officials said the U.S. […]

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Egypt crackdown delivers ‘devastating blow’ to Ansar, Brotherhood networks

Egypt security forces struck in six provinces in the biggest operation this year.

Special to CAIRO — Egypt has reported a crackdown on the Islamic insurgency network. The Interior Ministry said security forces raided suspected insurgency strongholds throughout northern Egypt. The ministry said 52 alleged operatives from eight cells were rounded up in […]

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Four Egyptians identified as religious leadership for ISIL recruits

Young boys and men line up in front of a “membership office” for ISIL, in the Syrian town of Al-Bab.

Special to LONDON — Egyptian nationals were said to be playing a major role in Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Islamic analysts asserted that Egyptians were directing ISIL’s outreach campaign to young Muslims throughout the Middle East […]

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Egypt expanding solar energy program, especially in South Sinai

Egypt's government is looking for new uses of solar energy. / Ministry of Environment.

Special to CAIRO — Egypt has approved a plan to develop solar energy. The government has launched a program to employ solar energy in an effort to expand its electricity supply. Officials said solar power would be used to […]

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Report: Ansar and ISIL, step up attacks in Sinai, near Egypt-Libyan border

Ansar Beit Maqdis fighters.

Special to TEL AVIV — Egypt’s leading insurgency network has intensified operations in the Sinai Peninsula, a report said. The Institute for National Security Studies asserted that Ansar Beit Maqdis launched an offensive against Egypt’s military and security forces […]

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