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U.S. grants reprieve on aid to Egypt after lobbying from Saudis, Israel, Jordan, UAE

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States, after withholding military aid for more than a year, has granted a reprieve to Egypt. Congress has passed a spending bill that revises U.S. civilian and military assistance to Egypt. Under the […]

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Darfour attacks continue as Sudan’s Bashir defeats arrest order Security Council failed to enforce

Sudan's President Omar Bashir. / Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah / Reuters

Special to WASHINGTON — The International Criminal Court, lacking cooperation by the United Nations, has shelved plans to prosecute Sudanese President Omar Bashir. ICC said the Security Council failed to pressure African and Middle East states to arrest Bashir, […]

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Egyptian Army presses attack on Ansar strongholds in Sheik Zweid

Egyptian military helicopters in the eastern Sinai Peninsula.  / AFP

Special to CAIRO — The Egyptian Army has launched ground operations in the heart of the Islamic insurgency in the Sinai Peninsula. Security sources said the army has sent commando units to attack suspected strongholds of Ansar Beit Maqdis […]

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Western embassies close in Egypt amid ISIL terror threats

British embassy in Cairo.

Special to CAIRO — Western embassies, amid threat of an Al Qaida-aligned attack, have been suspending operations in Egypt. At least two Western embassies have closed while others were restricting operations in Cairo. In a 24-hour period, Britain and […]

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Ansar threatens Sinai residents cooperating with Egyptian Army, admits to heavy losses

Overview of the rubble of buildings destroyed by the Egyptian military on Nov. 4 in the border town of Rafah. / Mohamed El-Sherbeny / AFP / Getty Images

Special to CAIRO — Egypt’s largest insurgency group has acknowledged heavy losses in the Sinai Peninsula. Ansar Beit Maqdis, which now calls itself Islamic State of Egypt, has reported heavy losses in battles with the Egyptian Army. Ansar said […]

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ISIL seizes Egypt navy boat in ‘most daring terrorist attack in decades’

Special to TEL AVIV — Islamic State of Iraq and Levant was said to have seized an Egyptian Navy missile boat near the Suez Canal. Israeli sources said ISIL boarded and commandeered an Egyptian Navy surface vessel during a […]

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Ansar claims killing of U.S. worker in Egypt

Egypt's Ansar Beit al-Maqdis insurgents in file photo.

Special to CAIRO — Egypt’s leading insurgency group said it killed an American oil worker. Ansar Beit Maqdis said it killed an American who worked for the U.S. oil contractor Apache Corp. The victim was identified as William Henderson, […]

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Congress weighs restoring military aid to Egypt, frozen by administration

The Obama administration slashed military aid to Egypt after Gen. Abdul Fatah Al Sisi moved against the Muslim Brotherhood government.

Special to WASHINGTON — Congress has been examining the level of U.S. military aid to Egypt. The House and Senate have been discussing whether to restore the $1.3 billion in U.S. military aid to Egypt for 2015. The discussions […]

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Egypt details Ansar assets destroyed in Sinai raids along Gaza Strip border

An Egyptian man in Rafah, where Egyptian forces cleared out assets of Ansar Beit Maqdis. / European Pressphoto Agency

Special to CAIRO — Egypt has reported the destruction of the infrastructure of Ansar Beit Maqdis in the Sinai Peninsula. The Egyptian military said the army and Central Security Forces demolished scores of suspected strongholds of Ansar. The military […]

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Egypt security forces protest mobilization conditions as war on terror takes toll

A masked member of the Egyptian security forces stands guard in a Cairo suburb on Nov. 28. / Ahmed Abdel Fattah /AP

Special to CAIRO — Egypt faces renewed unrest from within the nation’s powerful security forces. Egyptian sources said members of the Central Security Forces have staged protests in a demand for improved conditions. They said demonstrations have included sabotage […]

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