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ISIL takes aim at new Saudi king already in face off with Iran


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ISIL forces kill Iraqi general, seize partial control of key dam In Anbar Province

An Iraqi soldier scans the horizon in the Karma district, west of Baghdad, on April 20. / AFP

Special to Fierce clashes are being waged to the north of Fallujah between the Iraqi Army and Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) militants, a day after an ambush killed an Iraqi general and three staff officers. ISIL […]

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U.S.-led coalition say ongoing air strikes in Iraq are reversing ISIL gains

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, left, and U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House on April 14. / Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Special to The Obama administration has released data it says supports claims that U.S. air strikes in Iraq are rolling back last year’s offensive by Islamic State if Iraq and Levant (ISIL). A detailed White House fact sheet  released […]

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ISIL launches desperate attack on Iraq’s Basiji refinery


Special to Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) suicide bombers led a thee-pronged attack Saturday on Iraq’s largest refinery, a senior army officer said. “Three suicide attackers were able to reach the entrances of the refinery. Two were […]

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Social media knife in America’s back: ISIL’s top threat not beheadings or infiltration

Navy Adm. William Gortney, commander of the Colorado-based U.S. Northern Command.

Special to The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant horrified the West with its mass beheadings of hostages and used its notoriety to attract restless youth worldwide. But such barbaric tactics is not what primarily concerns Navy Adm. William […]

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Three hundred Kurdish civilians captured by Islamist militants in Syria

Militants from the Al Qaida-aligned Nusra Front. / Reuters

Special to The al-Nusra Front has reportedly kidnapped some 300 Kurdish men and children as they traveled to Aleppo. “They were traveling in buses and stopped at a checkpoint. They are civilians. None of them are fighters,” Kurdish official […]

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Remains of 1,700 soldiers unearthed in Tikrit; Iraqi PM compares ISIL’s lure to child porn

An Iraqi Shiite fighter prays at a burial site in Tikrit believed to hold victims of a June 2014 massacre in which hundreds of army cadets were executed by ISIL jihadists. / Ahmad Al-Rubaye / AFP / Getty

Special to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Iraqi forensic teams have begun excavating 12 suspected mass grave sites thought to hold the bodies of up to 1,700 soldiers killed by Islamic State (IS) militants in the city of […]

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Wars galore: Russia joins Red Cross in appeal for pause in Yemen fighting

Air strikes continued in Yemen against Houthi strongholds.

Special to UNITED NATIONS — President Barack Obama said in early 2013 at his second inauguration that “a decade of war is now ending.” Two years later, Russia has just endorsed a Red Cross appeal for a “humanitarian pause” […]

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Ranking U.S. officials missed UN special session on genocide of Mideast Christians


Special to By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — Throughout the chaos, calamity and conflict which has befallen the Middle East, there are few groups which have come under such intense attack as Christians and minority ethnic communities. As […]

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Iran charges U.S. drone strike killed its advisers in Tikrit, Iraq

Mourners carry the flag-draped coffin of Ali Yazdani, a member of Iran's Revolutionary Guard on March 29. / Fars News Agency, Mohammad Reza Jofar

Special to Radio Free Europe / Radio Libertyf Tehran says a U.S. drone strike killed two Iranian advisers in Iraq last week, but the United States says it has only struck Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) militants […]

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What happened? White House stunned as wars rage across the Middle East


Special to When President Barack Obama took office, he offered a familiar foreign policy vision that had been the refrain of the Left’s criticism of his predecessor: The U.S. would withdraw from the region’s conflicts and focus on its […]

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