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U.S. calls out top Kuwaiti official for helping finance Al Qaida

Kuwaiti Justice Minister Nayef Al Ajmi

Special to ABU DHABI — A Kuwaiti minister has been challenged to confirm allegations by the United States that he helped fund Al Qaida. Kuwaiti Justice Minister Nayef Al Ajmi was accused by a senior U.S. official of promoting what was termed terrorism. Al Ajmi, who also serves as Islamic Affairs minister, was also [...]

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Kuwait to acquire key retail fuel sector from Shell


Special to ABU DHABI — Kuwait has entered the European energy market. The state-owned Kuwait Petroleum International has reached an agreement to purchase a key division of Royal Dutch Shell. Under the agreement, estimated at 500 million euro, KPI would acquire Italy’s retail fuel sector of Shell, which included at least 830 gasoline stations, [...]

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U.S. firm, Kuwaiti subcontractors implicated in kickback scheme

U.S. Attorney for the Central District of
Illinois Jim Lewis.  /Amanda Vinicky/IPR

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has implicated Kuwait in a major kickback scheme in Iraq. The Justice Department has joined a lawsuit against a leading U.S. defense provider accused of corruption in Iraq from 2002 through 2004. The suit, initiated by a whistleblower in 2012, asserted that Kellogg, Brown & Root Services, [...]

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Gulf states slash oil workers’ pay, Kuwait braces for strike, shutdowns

A worker walks at Gathering Center 15 oil facility in northern Kuwait.  /AFP

Special to ABU DHABI — Kuwait has been bracing for a shutdown of its energy sector. Union leaders said they were preparing for a strike of Kuwait oil facilities. The union leaders said the 19,000 Kuwaiti workers would not tolerate a decision by the Gulf Cooperation Council state to slash their salaries, which average [...]

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Gulf states fear shale boom will lead to drop in crude oil prices


Special to ABU DHABI — Crude oil prices were expected to fall over the next few years. A Gulf Arab think tank has assessed that the price of crude could fall to $80 per barrel because of the growth of shale energy, expected to reach up to 14 million barrels per day by 2035. [...]

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GREATEST HITS 2013: 20,000 U.S. M-16s stolen from unguarded warehouse in Kuwait

A U.S. soldier on the range with an M-16 assault rifle.

Special to Originally published April 9, 2013 ABU DHABI — Kuwait has reported the theft of a massive amount of U.S. weapons. The Interior Ministry said thieves broke into a warehouse and stole a huge amount of firearms and ammunition. The ministry said 20,000 U.S.-origin M-16 assault rifles and 15,000 rounds for 9mm pistols [...]

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Diplomatic blitz by U.S., Iran failed to reassure Gulf states


Special to By Miles Yu, Six Arab states in the Gulf region led by Saudi Arabia have agreed to form a joint military command in order to achieve better strategic and operational coordination. The landmark agreement was reached on Dec.11 in Kuwait when member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council including Saudi Arabia, [...]

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Pro-Iran militia claims credit for mortar strike on Saudis from Iraq

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari

Special to BAGHDAD — Iraq and Kuwait have pledged to increase border security. Officials said the two Arab neighbors agreed to coordinate security arrangements along their joint border. The officials cited a recent mortar strike from Iraq on Saudi Arabia near the border with Kuwait. “Measures have been taken to prevent such incidents from [...]

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Neighboring Kuwait worried over ‘rapidly growing instability’ in Iraq


Special to ABU DHABI — Kuwait has expressed concern that Iraq’s government was losing control over the country. A leading Kuwaiti official said Iraq was being used as a base for strikes on Gulf Cooperation Council states. The official, Thamer Al Sabah, cited a mortar strike on Saudi Arabia on Nov. 21. “We are [...]

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Kuwait issues arrest warrants for American contractors

More than 100 American citizens have been trapped on two U.S. Army bases in Kuwait for months because of a contract dispute.

Special to WASHINGTON — Kuwait has sought to arrest dozens of U.S. military contractors. Industry sources said the Gulf Cooperation Council sheikdom was issuing arrest warrants for Americans accused of violating business agreements. They said the U.S. military has sought to protect the Americans from arrest by keeping them on bases. “We are prisoners [...]

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