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Lebanon bracing for Al Qaida suicide attacks like those in Iraq, Syria

Lebanese Interior Minister Marwan

Special to NICOSIA — Lebanon has been bracing for a suicide bombing campaign. Security sources said Lebanon’s military and police were on alert for daily suicide strikes similar to those in Iraq and Syria. They said the attacks would pit Al Qaida-aligned militias against the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah in what could include the assassination of [...]

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Lockdown in Beirut: Hizbullah closes streets near HQ after Al Qaida bombings

Flames rise from burning cars at the site of a car bomb that targeted Beirut's southern suburb of Haret Hreik on Jan. 2.  /AFP/Getty Images

Special to NICOSIA — The Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah has closed off parts of Lebanon’s capital in an effort to stop repeated suicide bombings linked to Al Qaida. Arab sources said Hizbullah has closed streets around its headquarters in the southern Beirut suburb of Dahiyeh. The sources said Hizbullah troops have been deployed on several roads [...]

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Captured Al Qaida commander dies during interrogation conducted by Iran intelligence officials

Majid Al Majid.  /AFP

Special to NICOSIA — Lebanon has reported the death of a captured Al Qaida commander. The Lebanese Army said Majid Al Majid, a Saudi national, died on Jan. 4 during interrogation in Beirut. The Army said the health of Al Majid, identified as the commander of the Al Qaida-aligned Abdullah Azzam Brigades, declined in [...]

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Hizbullah tied to Lebanese Army sniper’s Sunday attack that killed Israeli soldier

Israeli soldiers control the access of one of the roads near Rosh Hanikra on the Israeli-Lebanese border.  /Getty Images

Special to TEL AVIV — An Israeli soldier was killed in an ambush by a Lebanese Army sniper on Dec. 15. Officials said the sniper opened fire on an Israeli vehicle along the northern border with Lebanon near a United Nations position at Rosh Hanikra. “At about 8:30 p.m. today shots were fired at [...]

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Backers of Sunni rebels ship rockets from Libya to attack Hizbullah in Lebanon

BM-21 Grad

Special to NICOSIA — Sunni militias in Lebanon have received Russia-origin rockets. Lebanese sources said Sunni militias have acquired surface-to-surface rockets from Libya. The sources said the rockets, identified as the BM-21 Grad, were meant to be fired against Hizbullah and other Iranian interests in Lebanon. “The Syrian rebels want to open a new [...]

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Al Qaida takes credit for bombing of Iran embassy in Beirut

Soldiers, policemen and medical personnel gather at the site of explosions near the Iranian embassy (L) in Beirut Nov. 19.  /Reuters/Mohamed Azakir

Special to NICOSIA — Al Qaida has claimed responsibility for a major attack on Iranian interests in Lebanon. Al Qaida’s Abdullah Azzam Brigades reported detonating two bombs outside the Iranian embassy in Beirut. The suicide attacks on Nov. 19 killed at least 23 people, including the embassy’s cultural attache, Ibrahim Ansari. “It was a [...]

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Syrian Army deploying forces along border near Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley


Special to NICOSIA — Syria has amassed troops along the border with Lebanon. Lebanese sources said the Syrian Army has sent infantry and armored units to the Lebanese border near the Bekaa Valley. The sources said the Syrian units were preparing for operations against Sunni fighters inside Lebanon. “The regime has decided to eliminate [...]

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Lebanon protests Israeli surveillance stations along border

Lebanon Telecommunications Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui.  /Mohammad Azakir/The Daily Star

Special to NICOSIA — Lebanon has reported the construction of Israel espionage facilities. Officials said the Lebanese intelligence community has determined that Israel was operating several spy stations along its northern border with Lebanon. They said the facilities were monitoring telephone and mobile communications deep in Lebanon. “This is a violation of national sovereignty,” [...]

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Turkey, Lebanon seen challenging energy exploration in E. Mediterranean

Tamar natural gas rig.

Special to ANKARA — Regional rivalries have threatened energy projects in the Mediterranean Sea. The International Energy Agency warned that challenges by Lebanon and Turkey threaten major energy projects by Israel and the Republic of Cyprus. The Paris-based organization said the emerging conflict over reserves could stop the exploration of an estimated 10 trillion [...]

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Out of Lebanon: UN faces imminent pullout of EU peacekeepers

UNIFIL forces in Lebanon.

Special to NICOSIA — The United Nations is bracing for a withdrawal by European Union peacekeepers from Lebanon. The UN Interim Force in Lebanon has been consulting with EU states on the prospect of an imminent withdrawal from Lebanon. EU contingents from France and Italy, which have an ordered an evacuation of its diplomatic [...]

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