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Iran-backed militants shut down airport, capital of U.S.-backed Yemen

Rebel leader Abdul Malik Al Houthi

Special to CAIRO — Iranian-backed Shi’ite rebels have intensified their drive against the Western-backed government in Yemen. Fighters from the Shi’ite Al Houthi movement have been attacking government buildings in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa. The rocket attacks have […]

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Iran-backed rebels join Shi’ite protesters in Yemen’s capital city

Shi'ite Houthi protesters block a main road leading to the airport during a protest in Sana'a, Yemen on Sept. 7.   /AP/Hani Mohammed

Special to CAIRO — The Yemen Army are now battling Shi’ite rebels in the capital of the Arab state. Army units have opened fire on the Iran-backed Houthi movement amid its campaign against the Sanaa government. The Shi’ites have […]

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5 Saudis killed after Al Qaida seizes Border Guards’ vehicle near Yemen

Maj. Gen. Mansour Al Turki

Special to ABU DHABI — Saudi Arabia has reported a major attack from its southern border with Yemen. The Saudi Interior Ministry said at least five members of the Border Guards, one of them a senior officer, were killed […]

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Iran-backed Shi’ite rebels break ceasefire, advance toward Yemen’s capital


Special to CAIRO — Iranian-backed Shi’ites continue to advance toward Yemen’s capital. The Iranian-backed Al Houthi movement, despite the latest ceasefires, has directed its forces toward Sanaa. The Shi’ite rebels were said to have advanced to positions 10 kilometers […]

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Attacks by Yemeni tribes force oil firm to suspend operations

Yemeni tribesmen pose a threat to DNO installations.  /Reuters/Scanpix

Special to LONDON — Anti-government tribes have disrupted Yemen’s energy sector. A leading European contractor has suspended operations at two crude oil blocks in southern Yemen. Norway’s DNO, which informed the Yemeni Oil Ministry, said it could not operate […]

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Yemen reaches ceasefire with Shi’ites as U.S.-backed fight with Al Qaida heats up

United Nations envoy Jamal Benomar

Special to CAIRO — Yemen has reached a ceasefire with Shi’ite rebels. A government statement said the Yemen Army and Shi’ite rebels agreed to a ceasefire on June 4 in the northern province of Amran. The statement said the […]

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U.S. to export 4 ISR aircraft to Yemen

L-3 Communications headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has launched plans to export military aircraft to Yemen. The Defense Department has awarded a $41.5 million contract for four intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft for the Yemen Air Force. Under the […]

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Al Qaida commander killed in Yemen shootout


Special to CAIRO — Yemen has killed a key commander of Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. Officials said Yemeni security forces shot and killed AQAP commander Shayef Al Shabwani in Sanaa. The officials said Al Shabwani, killed in […]

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Yemen reports ‘growing’ Chechen presence in Al Qaida insurgency


Special to CAIRO — On May 3, Yemen reported the killing of a Chechen commander of Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. Security sources said Chechens have been playing an expanding role in AQAP. They said AQAP has been […]

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U.S., Yemen attacks kill 55 ‘leading and dangerous elements’ of Al Qaida

Yemenis look at a pickup truck after it was allegedly hit by a U.S. drone in Yemen's al-Bayda province on April 19.  /EPA

Special to CAIRO — Yemen and the United States have launched intense air strikes on Al Qaida. Officials said up to 55 Al Qaida fighters were killed in U.S. and Yemeni air strikes on insurgency camps in the Arab […]

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