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U.S., Yemen attacks kill 55 ‘leading and dangerous elements’ of Al Qaida

Yemenis look at a pickup truck after it was allegedly hit by a U.S. drone in Yemen's al-Bayda province on April 19.  /EPA

Special to CAIRO — Yemen and the United States have launched intense air strikes on Al Qaida. Officials said up to 55 Al Qaida fighters were killed in U.S. and Yemeni air strikes on insurgency camps in the Arab state. The officials said several Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula camps, which contained members […]

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Saudi reinforces border with Yemen against Iran-backed Shi’ites

Saudi soldiers keep watch at Khoba, the frontline border with Yemen, January 27, 2010. Saudi Arabia declared victory over Yemeni Shi'ite rebels on Wednesday following a truce offer from the insurgents, who said they had withdrawn from all Saudi territory.          /Reuters/Fahad Shadeed

Special to ABU DHABI — Saudi Arabia is battling Iranian-backed Shi’ite fighters from Yemen. Saudi officials said security forces have been reinforced along segments of the 1,600 kilometer border with Yemen. The officials said fighters linked to the so-called Houthi movement were seeking to infiltrate the Gulf Cooperation Council kingdom. “They are growing stronger […]

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Obama’s envoy sets stage for security consultations on coming Mideast tour

U.S. national deputy adviser on Homeland Security Lisa Monaco.  /Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly/Getty Images

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has sought to maintain counter-insurgency cooperation with Middle East allies. Officials said the administration of President Barack Obama sent an envoy for security consultations with Turkey, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The officials said the presidential envoy, Lisa Monaco, focused on the threat of Al Qaida, particularly in […]

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Yemeni interrogators press military for answers on Al Qaida infiltration

Yemeni soldiers put coffins of those who were killed in attacks on the defense ministry, into a vehicle in Sanaa, Yemen, on Dec. 9, 2013. The Yemeni defense ministry was attacked by al-Qaida militants on Dec. 5, which has left 56 killed and over 200 others injured.  /Xinhua/Mohammed Mohammed)

Special to CAIRO — Yemen has been investigating Al Qaida’s infiltration of the Gulf Arab military. Yemeni sources said intelligence agencies were interrogating military officers as well as Islamists in wake of an Al Qaida suicide bombing at the Defense Ministry that killed nearly 60 people last month. The sources said the attack pointed […]

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Attacks on oil facilities have cost Yemen $4.75 billion in two years

Yemeni tribesmen warned Norway's DNO to stop operations in the Hadramut province area.  /Reuters

Special to CAIRO — Anti-government tribes have attacked a Western-operated oil facility in Yemen. Officials said tribal fighters killed at least two soldiers in an attack on oil installations operated by Norway’s DNO in the southeastern province of Hadramaut. The officials said the Jan. 11 attack came after the tribes warned DNO to stop […]

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Al Qaida infiltrators in Yemen’s military may have conducted deadly attack on defense ministry

An attack on Yemen's Defense Ministry on Dec. 5 killed 52 people.  /AP/Yemen Defense Ministry

Special to CAIRO — Al Qaida was believed to have infiltrated Yemen’s military. Officials acknowledged that Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula might have penetrated the mid-level officer corps of the Yemeni military. The officials said this enabled AQIM to target the Yemeni military and Defense Ministry. “This situation can not be ignored,” a […]

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Yemeni oil pipelines bombed frequently by Al Qaida, opposition tribes

Smoke rises from an oil pipeline targeted by insurgents in Yemen.

Special to CAIRO — Yemen’s oil pipeline continues to come under attack by tribes. On Nov. 29, opposition tribal fighters bombed Yemen’s main oil export pipeline. Sources said the attack again blocked the flow of oil to Yemen’s oil terminal at Ras Issa along the Red Sea. “Every time the tribes want more money […]

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Saudis reap benefits from high-tech barrier at Yemen border


Special to ABU DHABI — Saudi Arabia has reported security dividends from its new high-tech barrier along the border with Yemen. Officials said the new security fence along the Yemeni border has helped track smugglers and infiltrators. They said the fence, installed by French contractors, was providing data on infiltration to a Saudi command […]

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Yemen captures key Al Qaida assassin

Yemeni Army troopers man a checkpoint on a street in Sanaa Oct. 28.  /Reuters/Khaled Abdullah

Special to CAIRO — Yemen has reported the capture of a leading Al Qaida agent. Officials said Yemen nabbed a leading operative of Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula accused of killing of a senior military commander. The officials said the operative, identified as Omar Salem, was detained in the southeastern province of Hadramaut […]

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Report: U.S. Hellfire missile blew away Al Qaida commander in Yemen

A U.S. Predator drone firing a Hellfire missile.

Special to WASHINGTON — The U.S. military has been using an advanced air-to-ground missile to kill Al Qaida operatives in Yemen, a report said. Human Rights Watch said the U.S. Special Forces Command was firing the Hellfire missile in operations against Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. In a report, the New York-based group […]

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