Beijing’s new rules could ban online publishing by foreign media in China

Special to Beijing’s Ministry of Industry and Technology has written new rules that could in effect ban all foreign-invested companies from publishing online in China. The new rules, slated to go into effect on March 10, could shut down China as a market for foreign news outlets, publishers, gaming companies, information providers, and entertainment […]

China deploys missile system to disputed S. China Sea island

Special to Satellite images show China has deployed the advanced HQ-9 surface-to-air missile system to a disputed island in the South China Sea. Taiwanese and U.S. officials confirmed that batteries of the HQ-9 surface-to-air missile launchers were set up on Woody Island in the Paracels chain, according to a report by Reuters. China, Taiwan […]

China launches major Saudi refinery project

Special to Chinese President Xi Jinping was on hand for the Feb. 16 launch ceremony for China’s largest investment project in Saudi Arabia, the Yasref oil refinery. Xi told reporters the refinery, which covers more than 5 million square meters in the city of Yanbu on Saudi’s west coast, conforms to the Saudi national […]

North Korea triggers a U.S. missile defense showdown among major powers

Special to By Donald Kirk, North Korean rocket launches and nuclear tests risk getting boring. The pattern is familiar: expressions of outrage, loud condemnation ― then nothing. Has the latest one-two punch of nuclear test and rocket launch changed a thing? The easy answer is not really ― but think again. The lines […]

Healing history’s bitter Japan-Philippines wounds

Special to By Donald Kirk, MANILA ― No city suffered more in World War II than this sprawling metropolis of more than 10 million people. No enemy was more cruel, more hostile, more destructive than the Japanese after defeating U.S. forces in the Philippines at the outset of the war in the Pacific. […]

Iran says $100 billion in frozen assets ‘fully released’

Special to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Iran says it now has access to more than $100 billion worth of overseas assets that were unfrozen as a result of a landmark nuclear deal with world powers. Government spokesman Mohammad Bagher Nobakht said much of the money was stored in banks in China, India, […]

Democratic Taiwan: More important than ever after failed U.S. ‘pivot to Asia’

Special to By Sol W. Sanders Largely ignored by the mainstream media, the Jan. 15 Taiwan elections have enormous implications not only for the Island’s 25 million people, but for China – and the U.S. Ironically, the election of the Democratic Progressive Party [DPP] leader, Tsai Ing-wen, a woman at that — reinstalled a […]

China warns Soros against ‘declaring war’ on its currency

Special to China has warned “financial predator” George Soros not to bet against its currency. “Soros’ challenge against the renminbi and Hong Kong dollar is unlikely to succeed, there is no doubt about that,” said a government official in an opinion piece. The article, headlined “Declaring war on China’s currency? Ha ha”, described Soros […]

Iran, China agree to strategic ties, $600 billion trade revival of ‘Silk Road’

Special to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Chinese president Xi Jinping (foreground left) and Iranian President Hassan Rohani (foreground right) in Tehran on January 23. Iranian President Hassan Rohani says Iran and China have agreed to expand bilateral relations and boost trade to $600 billion over the next 10 years. Rohani made the […]

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