China’s top spy catcher wasn’t purged after all

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Foreign fighters join ISIL at ‘unprecedented’ rate


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Plagued by obesity jokes, PLA adds bodyweight as criteria for promotion

Maj. Gen. Mao Xinyu, grandson of Mao Zedong. / Xinhua

Special to By Willy Lam, Willy Lam is away for New Years celebrations. The world’s largest military has not considered bodyweight as a factor for promotion — that is until now. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s departments of […]

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French jet fighter deal with Egypt causes heartburn in Beijing

Dassault Rafale fighters

Special to By Miles Yu, As the Egyptian Air Force jets were pounding ISIS targets in Libya to avenge the 21 beheaded Egyptian Christians, Cairo was signing a major deal with France to purchase 24 Dassault Rafale fighters. […]

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Surge in jet fuel shipments to N. Korea, leads to spike in exercises


Special to By Lee Jong-Heon, SEOUL — China sharply increased jet fuel supplies to North Korea late last year, after sharply reducing shipments for the past two years. Sources here said the surge in supplies has led to […]

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Beijing foreign policy elites argue that U.S. policy is no longer the priority

Barack Obama, Xi Jinping

Special to By Willy Lam, Even as President Xi Jinping’s closest advisers are preparing for his first official state visit to the United States this September, influential members of China’s foreign-policy establishment have argued that the country’s relationship […]

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The Indian Ocean emerging as central nexus of 21st century geopolitics

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Special to By Dr. Assad Homayoun The Indian Ocean has already become the key focus of the global strategic and commercial contest for the 21st Century. The realization is slowly dawning in Europe and the Americas that this is […]

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Darfur, 2015: Hell without the cameras

UN investigators interview Darfour alleged rape victims in 2014.

Special to By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — In recent years there’s been a dearth of media coverage of Darfur’s humanitarian crisis. What had once been a focus for both diplomatic and high profile celebrity efforts to detail […]

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‘Quasi-deification’ puts Xi Jinping in same league as Mao and Deng

Education Minister Yuan Guiren

Special to By Willy Lam, The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) propaganda machinery has gone into overdrive eulogizing the “Xi Jinping spirit.” Exhortations about “deeply implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important talks,” have suffused […]

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Disturbing Freedom House report: As USA weakens, repression expands


Special to By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — There’s been a disturbing decline in global freedoms over the past year with a clear erosion of political rights for the ninth consecutive year. These are among the dire findings […]

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‘Emperor Xi’? Unprecedented military parade to salute ‘Mao Zedong of the 21st Century’


Special to By Willy Lam, President Xi Jinping has determined to outdo Mao Zedong in terms of building up a cult of personality: he has ordered a gigantic military parade at Tiananmen Square this autumn to demonstrate his […]

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U.S. puts China in bind, backs India’s bid for UN Security Council

US President Barack Obama in India

Special to By Miles Yu, The U.S. government has announced its support for India’s quest to become a permanent member of the United Nations’ Security Council. The statement was included in a joint declaration with Indian Prime Minister […]

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